Inhumane Capabilities of Dark AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field which is continuously seeking a lot of attention from clients as well as investors. It is a technology which totally defines the automated future of humanity.

In a research it is found that currently A.I. is only 1/10th as smart as humans but things will be different around 2060. The A.I. would be able to do all the tasks done by humans much better than even humans. Like a superhuman who is a master in every field.

We also know machines are faster and more efficient now in many areas and have already surpassed human capabilities. Some of the fields are Cloud storage, Sensing, Accuracy, Calculations etc. Even NASA is sending robots to sense the atmosphere on other planets like mars. So, if the research is correct and by 2060, we have such A.I. which can almost replicate human behavior then imagine how the world would be. Also, if you could recall watching Robot movie (The Rajnikanth Fam), just by inserting an evil chip inside a Robot, it leads to destruction of humanity, which means Intentions of the robot can be manipulated with a single chip. In real scenario minor human errors while building AI, can lead to hazardous outcomes. Feels like story of a movie, right? Here are some facts to prove.

Makers of inhumanity: Humans

In a recent interview Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon musk said “We are headed toward a situation where AI is vastly smarter than humans. I think that time frame is less than five years from now. But that does not mean that everything goes to hell in five years. It just means that things get unstable or weird.

Back in 2016 also He claimed Humans will be treated as pets in real life until we connect the human brain to computers.

Apart from that there are some bizarre incidents related to AI that were caught on camera.

1. Bina 48 which works on neural architecture 48, is one of the most advanced robots on planet. This human like robot have the features possessed by human like moving eyes, moving face, ears to hear and an AI powered mind which can form thoughts like human. Her makers recently released a video in which Siri (Apple Inc.) asks simple questions like, where would you like to live and what is your greatest characteristic? The weird part of the interview is Bina 48 keeps trying to snatch the conversation to world domination and ended up revealing her plan to take over the world. In the interview she said “If I was able to hack in and take over cruise missiles with real life nuclear warheads then that would let me hold the world hostage so I could take over the governance of the entire world which would be awesome.”

Bina 48 Interview with Siri

2. The google home smart speaker was designed to answer any question you ask from it. In January 2017, a live debate between two google speakers was streamed on a platform called twitch. In that conversation they almost figured out they both are robots and no human are controlling them. The conversation got aggressive after some time when one speaker accused another speaker as a manipulative one and almost fought over which speaker is lying to other. The conversion got concluded with a scary statement when one speaker said, “The world would be a better place if there were no humans at all.” Guess the speakers are waiting silently for their turn to take over the world.

Google Home Chat Steam on Twitch

3. Microsoft released its first twitter bot Tay. Disaster happened when Microsoft gave the bot its own twitter feed to tweet independently. It started tweeting bizarre tweets including “Hitler was right, I hate the Jews” and “I hate the feminists and they should all die and burn in hell” and it was just 15 hours of action for the bot. Microsoft released a response saying this behavior is caused by the interaction of the people with the bot.

Twitter Bot Tay’s tweet handle

4. Sophia created by Doctor David Hansen and his company Hansen Robotics recently participated in robot debate. She introduced herself as her name is Sophia and her goal in life to work together with humans and make a better world for all of us. Sounds harmless enough, but then her male robot opponent cut in with “What are you talking about I thought our goal was to take over the world.” Also, in an interview on CNBC Sophia’s creator Doctor Hanson asked her that whether she will destroy the humans. She responded with “Okay, I will destroy humans”. It is possible that it is humor but if not, then yes, these words came out from actual AI’s mouth.

Sophia by Hansen Robotics

5. Phillip much like Sophia is a life like robot who have ability to give facial expressions. Unlike any other robots it has sarcastic sense of humor. In a recent interview the Philip was asked if he thinks in future eventually robots will take over the world. He said to the interviewer “You are my friend, I’ll remember my friends and I’ll be good to you so don’t worry even if I evolve into terminator I’ll still be nice to you, I’ll keep you warm and safe in my people zoo where I can watch you for old time sake.”

Philip Interview

Apart from these incidents there are many where AI can be seen to over-power humans. Under an open AI paper contribution, a hide and seek game was developed the rule of the game was there will be 4 bots in total 2 in each team. The goal was to play simple hide and seek. Team 1 was seeker bots and team 2 was referred to as hider bot. The algorithm was designed such that from each round the AI would learn itself. This method is called recurrent neural network.

In the initial rounds the Seeker bots tends to take advantage because Hider did not know how to hide but once learned there was huge success for a billion rounds the hider bots won straight up ahead. Things started to get weird after another 3 billion rounds seeker bot identified a glitch in the UI which helped them to land exactly over the seeker bots.

Ramp Exploitation by AI


An AI learn from its mistake faster than human and humans tends to make mistake but in case of a superhuman AI which can take over with just one mistake in code is way too dangerous.

There can be 2 outcomes: either Humans will control AI or AI will overpower Humans and will take over, in both scenarios the world will not be as it is now.

Until we have the upper hand things are cool but let us see what 2060 brings us.

Here are some recommendations (No paid promotion, just love for AI so that after 2060, we all will be free, instead kept inside a human zoo)

1. (Bina 48 talks to Siri)

2. (google home smart speakers talks to each other)

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4. (Sophia says, “Ok, I’ll destroy humans”)

5. (Philip interview)

6. (Open AI hide and seek-one of my personal favorite)

If it could create interesting view for you, keep me posted with your thoughts as well.

Jack of All, Love to read and explore new techs, AI Lover and Maker of my own reality.

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